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                               RECORD STORE DAY 2014

We would like to make all of our fantastic customers aware that we are not taking part in Record Store Day this year. We had a great time with you all last year and the live acts added to a brilliant time. But we found that there was just too much selection to order with random supply, the cost of stocking was extremely high with much unsold for some time after the event. We will be having live music during the year so keep an eye out for information.


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Sadly, we have to tell you all that we have made the decision to cease trading the shop at the end of the year. Sorry to say, our last day of trading will be Christmas Eve.

We have been trying to put off making this decision for a good part of the year but the reality is we are just not making any money. Infact we have been putting funds in to the business most of this year and taking nothing out and we are now at a point where we are just financially unable to continue doing that.

Most, if not all of you, will know just how much we enjoy running the shop, but you will also know full well it is also there to make some money and give us an income and it just isn't!

This year particularly has been tough with such a great summer in a seaside town drawing most to the beach and other attractions rather than us.. Our peak sales in summer keep us afloat the rest of the year and it just didnt happen. Reaction from the town to having a record shop has always been a degree ambivalent and the very small hardcore of local customers we enjoy is just not enough out of season. In a town of 11000+ population we have maybe only 40+ regular locals, we just cannot thank them enough for their support. We do enjoy a larger number of out of town buyers who we also thank whole heartedly, but again it is proving just not enough for us to survive.

We are beyond disappointed to have to make this decision, but it is now made and we hope to see as many of you as can make it before we shut the door for the last time.

There are sure to be some decent discounts available as we head towards that time so get to see us if you can.

If you have ever been in to the shop, whether it be once, twice or multiple and regular vists, then thank you, thank you, thank you because it is you that have made it all such a great experience for us! Well apart from losing money of course!

Our sincere thanks and best wishes to every one of you

Nick & Dawn



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